About Cathy

Lip color_colourpopI’m a native Austinite…… well, to be totally honest, I was born in San Antonio and moved here when I was about 18 months. I figure since I was potty trained it Austin, that is close enough. I did the majority of my growing up in the Lake Travis area which is close enough to be Austin but far enough away to avoid driving on 35. Graduated Lake Travis High School and went to college in Dallas for about 15 minutes before I realized 2 things – Dallas sucks, and I hate school. I came back to Austin and joined the working world. There were good jobs and bad jobs, but they were all just jobs.

I started blogging on Myspace (yup, I am that old) because I wanted to be able to talk about my clothes. After a couple of years of that, I moved over to Tumblr, and started blogging regularly there. Social media was just becoming a thing, and I dove headfirst into the Austin social media scene. I learned everything I could, joining the board of the Austin Social Media Club, taking on various freelance projects, and testing out everything on my blog.

Fast forward to the end of 2012. I got laid off from my first “real” social media job, and decided to make a go of it on my own. I started my company, Slave to Social, and have been doing that ever since. I found the work that makes me happy – social media and online marketing; I continue to blog about things I am passionate about – personal style, body image, and my obsession with lip color. And I try not to be photographed in the same outfit twice.

My life might seem exciting, but it’s pretty chill. I work from my home, where I live with my ridiculously cute and sweet husband, my fluffy and judgmental cat, and my hoards of owls, coloring books, and ultra fine point Sharpie markers. It’s a good life.