Christmas Eve Dress Search 2012

Every year, I could through an arduous hunt for a Christmas dress. It’s always a bit tricky – I want to be fancy and festive, but demure enough for church and not showing too much skin, but not being boring and dowdy. It’s a tall order! As I have for the past few years, I will be singing at Christmas mass, so I have to look extra fancy. And if all of those conditions weren’t enough, it also has to be inexpensive since I’m still unemployed. So with all of that in mind, I have found a few dresses that fit the bill.

1. Envy Polkadot Dress – Big Bang Boutique
2. Love Squared Short- Sleeve Printed Dress- Macys
3. Studded Bell Sleeve Dress – Fashion to Figure
4. Oh So Bright Sparkle Dress – Fashion to Figure
5. Soprano Long Sleeve A-Line Empire Dress – Macys
6. AGB Polka Dot Short Sleeve Sheath – Macys

I wish I could explain what appeals to me about all of these dresses. Truth be told, I filtered my searches by price to ensure I wouldn’t get all crazy expensive. I like each of these because I feel that there is something unique about them; something that will help me stand out a bit. Whether it’s the pattern, the cut, or the studs on the sleeves, each of these dresses takes a normal style or look and gives it a bit of a kick. I feel like I get into a Christmas rut each year. I want to look special and different,but I panic and just stick with a safe black or red dress to be traditional. This year….. no more!! I will stand out and be different and celebrate and sing and be fancy!

Which dress would you choose??


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