Coming Clean About My Obsession

It’s not easy to admit that you are obsessive. I like to think in most areas of my life, I am pretty balanced. However, there is one “small” obsession that seems to have gotten out of hand lately my friends. And that obsession is OWLS.

It started with just a couple of necklaces. Then it moved to LOTS of necklaces and earrings and bracelets. Soon it became a throw pillow and maybe some candles. Then word spread about my love of owls, and at my birthday/housewarming party last year, I was flooded with even more amazing owls. Am I ashamed of my obsession? A little. Enough to make me stop? Hell no!

So just how bad is it? I’ll let you be the judge…….

Whole collection

All the owl jewelry. Mostly necklaces, but some earrings and brooches and a bracelet as well.

Vintage pieces


These are the vintage pieces. The small brooch on the left was a gift from a friend, I got the necklace in the middle at Hunt.Gather.Style, and the brooch on the right belonged to my grandmother Carmen. She passed away when I was about 2 months old. Fun fact: She collected owls too!

“But Cathy” you say, “that’s not so bad – just some jewelry.” Oh that’s just the tip of the iceberg….

Accessory owls

1. My current cell phone cover. The decal is from Society 6 | 2. Other cell phone cover. A 4 month anniversary present from a kiosk in the mall | 3. Owl earbuds. Present from 2 of my sisters and my step-mom

all the pillows

(left) The owl pillow on my couch; (right) the two owls on my bed. I call them Senior and Junior.

all the wall owls

(left) Wall hanging owl. Gift from 2 of my sisters and my step-mom; (right) Wall art owls. Gift from my Christmas Secret Santa.

Living room owls

1. Owl tray made by Lisa Maxwell, Thanksgiving owl – gift from sister, owl candles on sale from Target, owl wall hanging – gift | 2. Statue of three owls – gift, pink and tan owl – painted by me |    3. Owl statue – gift from friend Andrea | 4. Owl bookend – gift from friend Marinda | 5. Tiny shelf owl – gift from friend Andrea

Misc house owls

(left) Owl entry way mat – gift from cousin; (right) Two owl kitchen timers. I call them Mortimer and Mortimer Junior. We are unsure which one is Junior.

Are you convinced yet?? Seriously, they are taking over my house. I don’t care though; I still love them all, and have no real plans to stop collecting. First of all, I love them. Second, it’s kind of cool to have that connection to my grandmother that I never knew. Just try not to judge okay??


New owls

Since this post was started, I got two more necklaces. Yeah, I know I’m nuts. But remember what I wrote above?? Don’t judge!!

What are you obsessed with? Do you collect anything? 


3 responses to “Coming Clean About My Obsession”

  1. BigGirlBlue says:

    Ok, I think owls are pretty cool. I don’t have as many as you, I only have one necklace and I am sure you’d love it. It’s not an obsession, you have a hobby, you are a professional owl collector. 😉

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