Friday Feelings – Because I’m Happy!

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feel all the feelings

I’m starting a new feature here on the blog; it’s called Friday Feelings! It’s partly for the readers but mostly for me. It’s a weekly check in of how I’m feeling, and where my head is.  Because I get a lot of questions and response when I write about my feeeeeeelings and my depression, I figured a weekly round of up all the feelings would be great for everyone! Except my cat, who seems to care very little about my feelings.

This week, I’ve felt the best I’ve felt in months. I mentioned in my Monday post that I felt super recharged after my time away at Texas Style Council, and it has lasted all week. I think there is definitely something to be said for being out in nature, getting a lot of exercise, and having little phone service. I work 7 days a week. Even though I try to take Sundays off, it doesn’t stop me from responding on social media, reading (and sometimes replying to) work emails, and getting a head start on work for the next week. Because I am self-employed, I feel guilty for stepping away from work. I’m the only person that does my work, and I never want to let my clients down.

But I learned a really valuable lesson this week. If I want to give my clients the best service I can, I have to be the best ME that I can. And that means taking a break. Slowing down, stepping away from work, and taking care of myself. And most importantly, not berating myself or feeling guilty for it! Self care is not selfish or lazy; it’s making yourself and your needs a priority. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Going forward, I will definitely be making more time for myself. More time to step away and disconnect for a day or two. Even if I stay here in Austin to do it, I still need to make vacations a priority. Vacation doesn’t just mean a cruise to the Bahamas. It means taking a break from everyday life. And we all need that!

How are you feeling this Friday?


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