My Monday Shopping Cart – Triumphant Return!

Oh Monday shopping cart, how I missed thee!! For the last few months, I have been avoiding doing a shopping cart since being a single and independent adult has cut into my shopping budget. However, it has not stopped me from window shopping online and my shopping bookmarks folder is overflowing so I better get back to it!

Elsa Color Block Ponte Knit Dress by Monif C

The plus size community collectively lost its shit this week when Monif C unveiled her spring collection for pre-order. I am proud to say I lost my shit right along with everyone else. People, THIS DRESS is my everything!! The super flattering cut, the front zipper detail, and the insanely awesome color combo……. perfection! I want to wear this dress for every occasion for the rest of the year. Except for fancy occasions. For those I want……

Miranda Draped Jersey Gown by Monif C

This dress comes in black, but why have black when you can wear purple?? I want to get invited to a fancy charity ball so I can wear this dress. I love the sexy v-neck paired with the asymmetrical hem – just the right amount of sexiness! Ok now to do something other than Monif C……..

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Tote in Luggage

I have come to accept a few things about myself. I’m not getting any taller, my feet are flat, and I’ll never be able to carry a small purse for everyday wear. I’m always on the lookout for classic totes that will serve me well for many years, and I tend to always end up with Michael Kors or Coach. This tote is so classic and elegant and will look classy while carrying my crazy amounts of notebooks, pens and lip gloss.

Wood Bed Desk by Bed Bath and Beyond

This is more practical but every bit as important as dresses. I’ve come to realize that I do not work like a normal, sane person. As we speak, I am writing this sitting in my bed, wrapped in a sheet using a box to prop up my laptop. I like working in my bed, but I need something a little sturdier (and prettier!) than a box.  This desk is perfect for laptop work, note taking, or bagel eating.

Tell me – what’s in your shopping cart right now??

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3 responses to “My Monday Shopping Cart – Triumphant Return!”

  1. Hey, I like this! Nice work, gurl. That top dress is fabulous too. 
    PS I have some winter date outfits comin atcha this week….xxxooo

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  3. Vania Valentina says:

    Love the color! I keep looking at it, so captivating.

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