My Monday Shopping Cart – White Out

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There is a crazy fashion myth that says you can’t wear white until after Memorial Day and you can’t wear it past Labor Day. I think it has something to do with that being the unofficial beginning and ending of summer but let me tell you – in Texas, summer is beginning of May to about mid-October. Plus, there’s always gorgeous white pieces for winter. So I say wear white whenever you want! But in honor of Memorial Day and the unofficial beginning of white season, here are my favorite white pieces. I will probably never get them since wearing white makes me nervous (I become a magnet for dirt and filth and food) but a girl can dream right?

Michael Kors Large Bedford Bowling Satchel – Michael Kors

I discovered this purse at the Michael Kors store when I was visiting the Hamilton tote that I love (but which didn’t meet all of my purse requirements). I love the simple shape, the minimal adornment, and (most importantly) the outside pocket on the back. I love it in white, but I would probably go with a more practical cognac color.

Eileen Fisher Slub Knit Linen Tunic-  Nordstrom

I’ve documented my love of Eileen Fisher pieces….. as well as the fact that they are usually out of my price range. I love her tunic sweaters – they are so beautiful and so well-made and just the right length for skirts or jeans. I love the idea of wearing this white tunic with a dark wash denim skirt, but I’d probably go with the purple since I can’t be trusted with white. Sad but true…….

National LTD “Venice” Slub Knit Tee – Nordstrom

This is a very similar shape to the Eileen Fisher tunic, but is more a of a t-shirt material and slightly shorter. It’s also a great deal cheaper, which is a big plus. I like that it comes in pink, but I would seriously consider getting this in white. It would go so nicely with the skirts and dark wash skinny jeans and leggings I own. Oooooo this top with a pink cami underneath with black leggings and nude wedges….. I can see it now…….

Analisa Lace Wedding Dress by Kiyonna – Sonsi

Okay let me start this by saying I am NOT getting married anytime soon ( I know, I keep scaring y’all right??) but this dress is too beautiful not to mention.  It’s the perfectly mixture of modest and beautiful. I love the idea of being covered up for my wedding (modesty in front of my grandma!!) but the V-neck and form-fitting cut keep it from being dowdy. Plus, I’d be dripping in lace. Pretty awesome right??

How do you feel about wearing white?? Do you love it or steer clear? And do you wear it before Memorial Day and after Labor Day??

2 responses to “My Monday Shopping Cart – White Out”

  1. I almost never wear white (I believe you’re familiar with my reputation as a spiller), but lately I’ve been considering a white bag (maybe in vinyl or rubber). Love the shape of that Michael Kors bag, but it probably costs more than my first car.

  2. Michelle says:

    The wedding dress is pretty. Why were you looking at wedding dresses? And I wear white whenever I want. I pretty much always do whatever I want with my clothes. Because I am cool like that.

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