Outfit Post – Maxi Stripes

Remember like 2 weeks ago when I said I was posting another outfit in a couple of days? Yeah, obviously that didn’t happen. But better late than never right?

maxi stripe dress 2


Dress – Old Navy | Belt – Eloquii (sold out, booo) | Converse – Nordstrom | Bullet Ring – Mana Culture | Owl necklace – Gift

As if it wasn’t enough that I wore horizontal stripes (the horror!) I wore horizontal stripes on a maxi dress! Plus size women (and women in general) always hear that horizontal stripes make you look big, and a long dress will make you look short and stumpy. Well I am glad to report that both are FALSE. As you can see above I do not look abnormally huge (just my regular plumpy self) nor do I look any shorter than usual. And the Converse? Well they just matched so well, I had to wear them . Usually I am a Vans devotee, but I have been getting a lot of mileage out of these navy Converse. Since I don’t believe in sandals or flip-flops (my toes get dirty!) flats and Converse are pretty much my summer shoe wardrobe.

Have you broken any fashion rules lately?

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