Plus Size Outfit Post – Dresses From Friends

Whew, it has been a minute since I posted! Now that smoke has cleared from wedding, moving, thank you notes, and getting settled, I found my life to be rather…… normal. To most people that would be a nice thing. But it’s a little unsettling for me. My life used to be all drama and chaos, and being calm and stable and happy just feels weird. So I ended up being in a pretty deep depression for a few weeks, but all is well now. I’m getting more comfortable with being comfortable. It’s new, but it’s pretty awesome!

To commemorate the happiness, I got dressed and put together a new plus size outfit post!

Plus size outfit post - dress from a friend

Dress- from my friend, Shelley! | Shoes – Aldo via DSW (similar) | Lipstick – who the hell knows, I have so many | Expression – sorry, that’s just my face

My friend Shelley was nice enough to give me some clothes that she was giving rid of, and I totally fell in love with this dress! First of all, it’s gray, which is my most favorite color for clothing. Second, it’s super comfy and easy to wear. Third, it looks kind of boring and shapeless on its own, but as soon as I put it on….. HOT DAMN. It gave me a waist! It’s very figure flattering, and can be dressed up or down. Spring is upon us which means the weather will quickly be warming up….. and no more layers. But I will definitely try it with different accessories, shoes, and lip colors.  I may even unzip the top and put a crop top underneath. Who can say??

I’ve found myself gravitating more and more to a very casual look; leggings, tops, and Vans. So it was nice to find a dress that really caught my eye.  Shelley, you are the best!!

In other news, my lipstick collection is officially OUT OF HAND. To curb my desire to buy all the lipsticks, I’ve decided to add makeup purchases to my workout reward bucket. In order for me to get a reward from the bucket, I have to complete 20 days of workouts. Not only will that keep me motivated to work out, but it’ll keep me from buying new products every week. My beauty budget and makeup storage can’t handle it!

Let me know what you think of the dress. Have you ever had a friend give you an article of clothing that just fit you and your style perfectly? I want to hear about it!

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