The Great Boots Unveiling

After yesterday’s post about ankle boots, I decided to take myself to DSW and see if there were any of the boots in store that I found online. I was hoping I could try on some of them and see if they worked. The good news is I found 3 of them in the store. The bad news is, I didn’t like any of them on. They were either too short, or the color was weird or they fit funny. So I decided to poke around a bit more to see if anything jumped out at me. And friends, something did. I found the most awesome mid-calf gray boots and I am in love! What do they look like??? Well see for yourself……

This me trying them on in the store. I was smart to wear leggings and socks – perfect for trying on boots! Sadly, my socks didn’t match. It is obvious that I need to do laundry.

This is what they look like up close and personal. I love the gray suede and the buckle detail is cute and unique without being big and obnoxious. I don’t need obnoxious shoes -I’m obnoxious enough all on my own.

It’s a crap-tastic picture (don’t judge me, I was standing in the middle of Nordstrom and happened upon a full-length mirror. This is my first outfit with said boots. I love the way they look with leggings and tights and bare legs. Now to try them with jeans!

All in all, I’m really happy with my choice. They are cute, they are comfortable, they are not too trendy, and they are gray – my favorite neutral color!

What do you think of my boot choice??

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