The Taming of the Maxi Dress

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fashion blogger who loved to wear dresses. She had body-con dresses, a-line dresses, dresses with full skirts, dresses with zippers, low-cut dresses, high-neck dresses and everything in between. She was proud of her plus size body and sought to showcase it in every style and color under the sun. But one thing she did not love was the dreaded MAXI DRESS.

For as long as she could remember, she had loathed and feared the maxi dress. The length would hide her toned calves and the column shape would accentuate her middle. But most importantly, it would reduce her height and make her look *gasp* stumpy! No matter how many other fashion bloggers tried to help and console and advice, the beautiful (semi) young plus-size fashionista refused to have anything to do with the evil MAXI DRESS. Until one day………..

(Okay, I can’t keep up with the third person thing anymore)

A couple of years ago, I happened upon a $6 maxi dress at Target. It was a little bit big up top, but I figured I could work with it and for $6 bucks it wouldn’t break me if I hated it. The print is over the top and the color is traffic-stopping…… I figured go big or go home! I’ve worn it MANY times, but here are my two favorite ways I’ve worn it for work.

Please ignore the gorgeous woman beside me – that’s Hannah, and yes she is that pretty in person.

Sorry the picture is a bit awful – it is a bathroom after all……

After I got comfortable with this dress, I thought to myself “Maybe, just maybe……. I could get another maxi dress.” I resisted for like a year. I figured this dress was a fluke and I’d never find another dress as great as this one. But lo and behold, I found another one at Target. It was long and flowy, made of jersey knit that is so comfortable and it was black and white! My styling has been a bit boring thus far though…….

This with and without cardigan….

So now I have come to the conclusion; it’s not a fluke. I really do like (and can look good in) a maxi dress! Now I want to branch out to solid colors and different fabrics and maybe even (gasp!) strapless.

How do you feel about the maxi dress? Do you love them and/ or wear them? Are you like me and live in fear?


5 responses to “The Taming of the Maxi Dress”

  1. Ilene Haddad says:

    You look fabulous! Love the new one–you’re braver than I am. I just bought a maxi skirt. (I’m not sure that’s what it’s actually called — I refer to it as my big-ass purple skirt that covers my pasty white legs.) Anyway, I love it, although I’m still not convinced it’s flattering. Nice job, lady!

  2. Long-time lover and wearer of maxi skirts and dresses right here. What’s not to love about being able to wear a skirt and not shave your legs?!

  3. Marinda says:

    Cathy you would look fab in a burlap sack! But the maxi dress on you is MAXI GORGEOUS!

  4. Grechen says:

    you look great!! i especially love the last one belted.

  5. Michelle says:

    So does that mean I could wear a maxi dress or skirt? Would it look good on me? Also you should have put the picture of you playing baseball in the maxi dress up. It’s a great picture!

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